• Fredrick D. Scott Speaks with Urban Tymes Magazine - 2018

  • Fredrick D. Scott speaks on the Warren Ballentine Show - 10/18

  • Fredrick D. Scott speaks on Washington Watch in 2013

  • Fredrick D. Scott speaks at the National Bankers Association in 2013

  • From Wall Street to Economic Empowerment and Social Activism…….The story of Fredrick D. Scott

    Fredrick D Scott….he was hailed as Wall Street’s “Wonderkid” but in 2013, that world was abruptly halted. Fredrick D Scott started from humble beginnings, a child from a single mother..he worked his way to becoming a highly sought after financial expert, with appearances on TVOne’s “Washington Watch” with Roland Martin and on New York’s Hot 97-FM. He also spoke at the annual conferences for the National Action Network, the National Bankers Association, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, and the renowned Eagle Academy. READ MORE

  • Fredrick D. Scott Is Revamping & Leveling Up: Life After Federal Incarceration

    Fredrick D. Scott believed wholeheartedly in the treaty, “a presumption of innocence until proven guilty." However, on September 13, 2013, the pledge failed him. At the age of 28, Scott had plead guilty , of conspiracy to commit wire fraud which caused him a penalization of 63 months in prison, with an additional 3 years of supervised probation after his release. READ MORE