• The First Step

  • Taking The First Step!

  • How to Take The First Step:

    To begin the Legacy Builder journey:


    1. Click on the "Take The First Step" button below where you will be redirected to an "Enrollment Configuration" page. 

    2. Select the country you live in (for most of you this will be the United States) 

    3. Click the "Join Now" button. 

    4. Select the "Life Changer Digital Starter Kit" (The purpose of making this selection will be covered in my training sessions)

    5. Select 1 (one) enrollment product*

    6. Select 1 (one) smart ship product** (The purpose of making this selection will also be covered in my training sessions)

    7. Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page

    8. Complete you personal information, pick a username and password for your login and provide valid payment details. (Note, you must click the "Verify" button when you enter your address)

    9. Click the "Submit" button


    Congratulations! Once you have followed these 9 (nine) simple steps, you will have officially taken the first step on your journey to becoming a legacy builder and will have access to my free financial literacy training, free credit restoration services and be eligible for my financial guarantee! Welcome aboard and I look forward to seeing you in my training sessions! 


    *You must select one enrollment product to be enrolled, I recommend the LASO Tea 5pack as it is the cheapest and most easy product to distribute. 

    **In order to be eligible to earn your commission, you must remain active with TLC by purchasing and/or selling a minimum of $50.00 of product every month. Therefore, I recommend personally buying one product a month yourself, it keeps you active, ensures you receive your commission and the product itself can be resold to recoup the money spent on that product. Again, I recommend the LASO Tea 5pack.